Our Process

Managing a medical practice means not only being ready to provide quality clinical care, but also being properly equipped to running a successful business. Because many practices are not always able to focus simultaneously on both of these needs, their financial performance can sometimes suffer.

MD Solutions has the expertise and resources to solve this problem.

Our highly experienced team will assess your organization with an awareness of both your clinical and operations performance. We know what’s practical to implement, what kind of “ROI” you can expect from any improvements, and the changes you and your staff may need to make to be truly successful.

Typically, we evaluate and diagnose along three axes to ensure you have the appropriate infrastructure in place to accomplish your mission:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology


How we can help

Through our engagements, we have enabled numerous medical practices around the country to effectively and efficiently protect their bottom lines, while maintaining their focus on patient care. MD Solutions can assist your practice in several ways:

Consulting: Leveraging years of experience in practice management, we can provide you with strategic guidance, assessment capabilities and interim personnel as required.

IT/Application Outsourcing: We can work as an extension of your on-site IT operations to provide the knowledge, training, and support that you need to maximize the utilization of your technology.

Staffing Solutions: Our team can supplement staff on an ad hoc or interim basis. We can also recruit employees on your behalf, from top talent around the country, to manage your IT projects.

Training Services: Our team of certified IT specialists can ensure that your entire staff has the knowledge they need to use their new systems successfully.

Technology: We can work with you to maximize your investment in technologies such as: Dragon Medical, GE Centricity, Allscripts and eClinicalWorks systems.

For more information on how to put our process to work for you, please contact us.


Look Before You Leap

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