Application Services

  • Are your in-house IT staff forced to split their focus between critical day-to-day tasks and long-term strategic projects?
  • Can your people troubleshoot complex issues and write customized interfaces for GE Centricity, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks and other platforms?
  • Do you need to speed-up a migration or upgrade project to minimize the disruption to your practice?
  • Are you systems continually updated and optimized to give your staff the tools and performance they need to do their best?

Today’s modern practices rely on technology—whether it’s an older billing system that’s too entrenched to replace, or a brand-new EMR system that connects the far-flung service groups of a large medical campus. Keeping all that technology up and running is “mission critical” work and not every practice has the resources to do so—or the time.

MD Solutions clients are able to:

  • Focus on the strategic and clinical aspects of a practice, confident
    that their supporting technology is coordinated, current, and trouble-free
  • Access knowledge experts who are fluent in both specific technology
    and the practical aspects of medical practice management
  • Rely on an entire team of seasoned specialists instead of hoping an
    in-house resource has enough experience to build an adequate “work around”
  • Grow their business, integrating new entities into their organizations and
    leveraging the best combined technologies every time

We’ll put together the team – MD Solutions can serve as your virtual IT support staff, doing everything from major migration projects to daily help desk functions. We’ll work with your staff to define the expertise you already have and provide the help you need to get the most out of your applications.

We’ll coordinate all your medical and ERM/PM applications — We can perform business analyst functions (e.g. technology performance evaluation, reporting, etc.) to help you draw-out the information from your applications in order to make better strategic decisions. We can create custom interfaces to connect various “siloed” solutions within your practice or help you better interface with third-parties or patients.

To learn more about our interim staffing solutions, click here.

We’ll improve the ROI of your technology — We make sure you squeeze every drop of value from the systems you have. We help you migrate to integrated platforms. We create and maintain an infrastructure perfectly tailored to your practice and people.

We provide expert assistance in platforms like:
GE Centricity
Dragon Medical

For more information on our application services, please contact us.

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