Practice Management Consulting

Making sure your organization is reaping the full benefit of today’s technology isn’t a simple matter. At the same time solutions are growing increasingly sophisticated and complex, medical practices are being asked to do a lot more—with a lot less. That means choosing the right systems—and making sure they’re really working for you and your staff.

MD Solutions clients are able to:

  • Reduce claims denials and payment cycles
  • Get staff (including physicians) to embrace efficient technologies
  • Eliminate duplication of effort and manual processing of records
  • Significantly increase staff productivity and morale

To make sure you succeed, MD Solutions offers a unique breed of Practice Management Consultants. With one foot planted firmly in the world of today’s best technology and the other versed in how medical practices function in the real world, we’ll quickly help you achieve your business and clinical goals.

We’ll help your people. — We can evaluate and train staff, place interim managers with your organization, and provide actionable analysis of how your staff and systems work together (or don’t!)

We’ll examine your processes. — With decades of experience under their belts, our consultants can quickly troubleshoot your administrative and IT processes. What’s more, they’re conversant in virtually all industry best practices and can help apply them to your organization as appropriate.

We’ll optimize your technology. — Whether you’re trying to get more from legacy systems, looking to migrate electronic records from newly acquired practices, or just beginning to automate your practice, MD Solutions stands ready to advise, integrate, implement, and optimize.

Defined Engagements:
Practice Advisory Services
Revenue Cycle Management
IT Infrastructure
Interim Management
EMR/PM Implementation
Interface/Data Migration

For more information on our Practice Management Consulting capabilities, please contact us.

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