EMR/PM Implementation

  • Have you chosen the best PM/EMR solution for your particular organization?
  • Are your people ready to accept and embrace the new technology?
  • How much do you really need to spend to modernize your practice infrastructure?
  • Who will be ultimately responsible for the maintenance of your new solutions?
  • Is it possible to integrate disparate systems into one cohesive environment?

One of the most challenging and demanding projects currently facing physicians, administrators and practice executives, is the implementation of Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management systems. The selection and implementation of the right system can have very long-term implications. The cost and significance of this investment makes it imperative that your organization has the right plan, process and staff in place to ensure that the system seamlessly integrates into your practice environment.

Implementation of an EMR/PM System

MD Solutions addresses the process in an orderly fashion, based on a practical approach honed over decades with practices of every description and size. We help you tackle:

Staffing—coordinating with your in-house resources so that you get your system up and running while they continue to run your day-to-day operations.

Cost concerns —providing you with well-considered options and allowing you to confidently make the right investments for your business health—today and well into the future.

Project management— giving you dedicated resources to oversee the implementation and eliminate your operational anxieties.

Transition and maintenance —offering the kind of hands-on, “closed-loop” training that guarantees proficiency by the people who’ll be using the technology every day.

Training—incorporating an effective training and project management schedule, and ensuring that all staff members are active and engaged participants in the transition.

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Look Before You Leap

How to enter an EMR/PM Vendor Relationship the right way.