ICD-10 Readiness

ICD-10: Act now or you WILL lose out.


Major changes are already underway in the healthcare industry and organizations cannot afford to sit back and wait as congress may not act on requests to stop ICD-10 implementation. It has now been over two years since the final rule was released. If your organization is not already halfway through your readiness activities, you must act now and catch-up. If you are not ready, your claims will not be paid. Preparing now can help you avoid potential reimbursement issues. If you choose to wait on Congress, you will NOT be ready for this deadline.


In preparation, do you know and understand:


  • The final regulation?
  • The difference between ICD-9 and ICD-10?
  • The impact and challenging changes of ICD-10?
    • Format and structural differences?
    • Impact on systems, report, physicians, hospitals?
  • The recommended implementation timeline?
  • What this means for the healthcare industry?


With a professional coding team available to help with any part of the transition to ICD-10, we currently have two offerings adaptable to any organization: 


Documentation Review

  • Your organization will send to MD Solutions a sample chart note documentation using your most common diagnoses (10-15 different visits).
    • MD solutions will review the documentation and compare with the ICD-10 coding structure to identify gaps in specificity.
    • MD Solutions will report back to the organization, in detail, what remedy is needed.


Onsite assessment/project plan development

  • MD Solutions will send a certified coder onsite to perform a gap analysis of your documentation and develop a full project plan with the team
    • Final deliverables will include:
      • Gap analysis
      • Assessment of organization’s readiness and impact
      • Financial model
      • Complete project plan (approach and timeline)
      • Training and education plan
      • Stabilization & optimization plan for post October, 2013

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