Interim Management

  • Do special projects take your staff away from more valuable tasks?
  • Is your staff struggling to keep up with too many areas of expertise?
  • Are acquisitions or practice growth putting undue pressure on your in-house staff?
  • Do you have a short-term need for in-depth HIT systems expertise?
  • Need serious help in a crisis situation (such as the loss of a key staffer?)

It’s unreasonable to expect the members of a smaller team to have mastered every nuance of today’s complex technology and medical practice management. Whether you’re facing an unusual implementation challenge or are looking to expand the capabilities of your PM solution, it sometimes makes sense to call in a "specialist."

MD Solutions can fill your skills gaps quickly, efficiently and cost consciously. We’ll provide leadership, structure, process, and the tools necessary for your organization to be successful. Some of the roles our people can fulfill include:

  • Practice Administrator
  • Practice Manager
  • Director of Billing Services
  • Revenue Cycle Manager
  • IT Director
  • Clinical Application Specialist

A unique approach to matching skills and personality.

We’ve become known in the industry for taking an extremely personal approach to the placement process. Leveraging our practice management expertise, our team conducts detailed personal interviews and assessments that help us to gain an understanding of the specific skill sets of our candidates, as well as the business challenges of our clients. Once these assessments are complete, our team thoroughly reviews the practice environments and existing relationships before making a match. This due diligence lets us establish personal relationships on both sides of the placement process which translates into higher levels of mutual satisfaction.

Connected to a whole team of support.
Our interim managers have the ability to call upon our entire organization for help with complex problems or to drawn upon specific technological expertise. Likewise, we are in regular contact with clients in order to address any concerns that they may have, or if necessary, to provide them with additional interim assistance.

For more information on our Interim Management capabilities, please contact us.

Look Before You Leap

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