IT Infrastructure

  • Are you comfortable with your level of understanding of your IT systems?
  • Do you have the optimal technology in place to run your practice?
  • Does all your technology work seamlessly together and interface appropriately with all relevant third parties? (Including payors, patients, payroll vendors, labs, other EMR systems, etc.)
  • Do you need to integrate disparate systems due to merger or acquisition?

If you’re not proactively managing your IT systems, there’s a very good chance they’ll soon be running you.

MD Solutions has the experience and focused healthcare-practice perspective to evaluate your entire IT picture and make sensible, practical recommendations around the technology, processes, and people you need to operate your practice optimally.

We review the various components of your IT infrastructure to assess whether or not your systems are stable and reliable. Then, we help you develop a strategic plan that outlines how to manage your systems, network, hardware and staff.

Our IT Infrastructure services include:

  • Assistance with the selection and implementation of new technology
  • Complete management of existing IT infrastructures (EMR/PM)
  • Performance improvement engagements to minimize costs and downtime
  • Update services to maintain compliance with HIPAA and other regulations
  • Disaster recovery and data backup planning
  • Supplemental or interim IT staff to manage, upgrade, or migrate your systems

For more information on our IT Infrastructure capabilities, please contact us.

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