Health Information Technology Consulting

These days, health information technology is evolving on an almost weekly basis—a situation that’s not likely to change anytime soon. We make it our job to keep on top of it all. With decades of experience in the world’s most popular solutions—such as GE Centricity, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, and Dragon Medical—we will ensure that your practice has the pitch-perfect mixture of technology—and the ability to effectively use and maintain it.

MD Solutions clients are able to:

  • Know definitively that they’re running the right solution(s) for their business goals, their staff, and that they’re properly invested for the future
  • Rest assured that their front-end and back-end systems are robustly integrated and giving their practice the benefit of every efficiency
  • Transform “hidden” data into actionable information via reporting that’s concise and metrics-driven
  • Trust in a “vendor neutral” perspective in evaluating current and proposed technology solutions

Our people make a difference — The right consultant, interim manager, help desk operator, or trainer can take great technology and make it into an even more powerful tool for medical practice transformation. All MD Solutions employees are steeped in the industry and have a thorough working knowledge of how technology, people and processes intersect. What’s more, our clients get the full benefit of our full team of experts, at the ready to assist in any engagement.

We get “under the hood” to make IT work for you — Even the best technology can’t be effective if it doesn’t fit in with the way you work. MD Solution not only serves as an expert “match-maker” to ensure that your technology truly suits your needs, we can also customize all of your technology with interfaces that connect everything to everything else (and everyone.) This level of coordination simply isn’t possible or practical with vendors who focus on a single solution.

We unlock information you can use — We use our deep knowledge of the industry’s most popular technology to get at the kind of information your organization can practically make use of to run more profitably and effectively. Our expertise is global in nature and our company’s principals are sufficiently well-known in the industry to command the attention of major technology providers—getting you the solutions you need in a timely manner.

For more information on our Technology Expertise, please contact us.

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