Note Building

Customized V11 note template development can accelerate adoption – especially with specialists


MD Solutions has developed specialized v11 Note content for many specialties and we continue to expand our content. Our Clinical Analysts, all registered nurses with real world clinical experience,meet with providers and ask them what would make their clinical day more efficient. By delivering what the “doctor ordered” the physicians are more likely to utilize the documentation templates and in turn speak positively of their experience with the EHR.

Our note building services in support of Version 11 include:


  • Usability analysis based on the specific needs of your practice and your providers 
  • All formats are built with an eye toward improving billing and collection practices – the MD Solutions team includes two Certified Procedural Coders
  • Full training capabilities to assist in clinician adoption and to prevent “backsliding” to old patterns

Look Before You Leap

How to enter an EMR/PM Vendor Relationship the right way.