GE Centricity Consulting

GE Centricity® Practice Management Solutions help organizations manage the financial and operational aspects of their practice. MD Solutions’ has 20 years in-depth understanding of the features and functionality of GE’s practice management offerings. MD Solutions‘ staff has extensive experience with GE Centricity® Group Management, (known by many as “IDX/GroupCast” or “GPMS.”)

We are often called upon to assist GE Centricity Group Management customers who need to receive more from their systems, are undergoing expansion of their practice, are seeking to take advantage of features not implemented previously, and/or are in need of a refresher or new user training.

After working with us, our clients can:

  • Be assured that they’ve properly purchased, installed, and configured the ideal GE Centricity environment for their practice, including the many different modules/upgrades offered
  • Effectively train administrative and technical staff to glean the full benefit of GE Centricity Group Management and all relevant modules that enhance productivity
  • Be confident that “go-live” dates will be achieved, whether to accommodate organic growth or to consummate an acquisition, merger, or migration
  • Know they’re running the most recent and “healthiest” version of GE Centricity, with
    all upgrades, fixes, and security provisions in place and in compliance with regulations


For more information on our GE Centricity capabilities, please contact us.

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