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All add-on products work congruently with your current technology. Find out more about each solution below!


MD Acumen

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  • Access timely, accurate financial and clinical information
  • Monitor and benchmark goals
  • Analyze reimbursement trends across payers
  • Increase performance-based provider compensation
  • Improve staff productivity


 MD Estimator

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After working with one Sugical practice, we found they were challenged with self-pay collections. They needed a way to pull patient information and calculate the patient’s liability prior to their appointment. At the time, the practice had a rudimentary excel version of an estimator tool that was difficult to use. As a result we saved the practice time and money by developing a seamless, practical tool (MD Estimator) that work’s with GE’s system and can be deployed in any practice.


MD Eligibility

A medical practice was using GE Technology to run eligibility checks on all patients prior to appointments. To overcome all their challenges with obtaining usable, filtered and scrubbed information we developed MD Eligiblity-Patient Validation Solution to be used congurently with GE’s Eligibility System.


  • Viewing results was time consuming and cumbersome
  • Retrieving usable information was too complicated
  • Interpreting and comparing results was unmanageable


  • Lack of improvement in denial rates
  • Low adoption rate
  • Increased eligibility related costs


MD DataStor

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The Solution…

  • Provides a set of Web-based software tools that allow you to increase performance while still utilizing data from your retired practice management system.
  • Provides practices with an advanced archival solution for the storage of excess patient data, from registration information to charges and payments and more.
  • Offers secure, HIPAA-compliant, on-premise storage of your old data and provides fast, secure, browser-based access to the data.

MD DataStor increases system perfomance by offloading and storing excess legacy data and reduces costs while providing easy access at your finger tips.


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