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MD Acumen’s healthcare dashboards and intelligent reporting solutions redefine how you manage your business by completely automating revenue cycle monitoring and analysis. No more time consuming data manipulation on spreadsheets. Simply set your goals and MD Acumen continuously monitors your performance against each target, alerting you to any exceptions. Reports can be pushed via email, exported to Excel/PDF or displayed as interactive dashboard screens with color coded charts, graphs, gauges and tables. Our state-of-the-art revenue cycle management tools include business intelligence dashboards with turnkey healthcare analytics.


Completely Automate Analysis Reporting and Delivery

Having multiple providers increases the need for fast, on-demand analytics. If your team is currently producing aggregate and analysis reports manually, MD Acumen presents a tremendous value to your organization.


On Demand Intelligent Reporting

Get turnkey analysis reports per practice, facility, provider, payer or financial class for the entire revenue cycle anytime, anywhere. Or view aggregate data with Enterprise roll-up reports that can be drilled through to source data for detail – without shuffling through multiple reports. Executive Dashboards give managers the big picture in minutes, with analyzed information presented as charts, graphs, gauges and tables. Distribution is easy; with our push reporting capabilities, any report can be automatically emailed based on your schedule.


True Business Performance Management

MD Acumen’s Business Performance Management tools offer the insight and answers operational reports simply cannot provide. Manage proactively and set goals/benchmarks per provider, facility, practice, payer, financial class, specialty and more.

  • KPI Scorecards can be used to benchmark each practice, facility, provider, payer or financial class. Or measure and monitor the progress and results of strategic initiatives, such as physician productivity and compensation.
  • Decision Support Scorecards immediately focus attention on underperforming areas or anomalies, allowing managers to base their decisions on hard data, not a “gut feeling.”
  • User-defined alerts notify staff of changes in KPI values


MD Acumen Offers Value for Your Entire Organization

  • Front and back office dashboards motivate staff and encourage accountability
  • Managers can monitor and benchmark goals
  • Physicians receive productivity reports automatically, via email
  • Executives can track the progress of strategic initiatives
  • IT departments no longer have the burden of running or creating reports

Just log on for a few minutes each day and get all the information you need: pre-calculated, analyzed and ready to use. We do all the work for you.


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