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Physician Performance and Productivity

Our focused Physician Performance and Productivity reports give administrators a clear framework for managing a productivity initiative. These pre-defined reports created by healthcare consultants and analysts give managers the information they need to:

  • Measure what each physician is contributing to the practice
  • Develop compensation models and income distribution plans
  • Compare to other practices or industry benchmarks to spot areas of weakness or strength
  • Increase revenue producing activity while holding down costs
  • Promote physician accountability and foster a “best practices” culture

MD Acumen utilizes the most widely accepted measure for objectively determining physician productivity, Work Relative Value Units. Because correct coding ensures RVUs are accurate, users will find our E & M utilization reports a valuable tool to reduce under/over coding. The system automatically calculates and plots coding patterns based on your office’s averages for outpatient services and consultations.


Turnkey Management with Intelligent Reporting

MD Acumen eliminates the need to manually create spreadsheets with multiple calculations for each provider, saving hours of time and expense. Data is automatically pulled daily from your Practice Management system, calculated and analyzed, allowing you to easily measure and monitor the work RVUs and KPIs that have the greatest impact on productivity.

Finished reports are available on line as “at a glance” dashboards with gauges, charts and scorecards, or as tabular analysis with enterprise rollup and drill through reports. Or set up automatic distribution of productivity progress reports to physicians and administrators with our convenient “push” email service.



  • Provides E & M utilization bell curve analysis reports
  • Measure and monitor over 40 KPIs daily
  • Enterprise roll-up reports for rendering, referring, billable and credited physician, facility and practice Performance alerts


  • Provides regular feedback to physicians, and keeps them engaged in the operation of the practice
  • Set clear expectations regarding performance and productivity relative to compensation
  • Benchmarking with performance-based goals


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