MD DataStor



­­­­­­MD DataStor reduces the costs associate with switching practice management systems by storing and providing access to your legacy data.

  • MD DataStor provides a set of Web-based software tools that allow you to increase performance while still utilizing data from your retired practice management system. The solution significantly reduces your costs by eliminating the need to operate or maintain multiple systems and cost-effectively stores your old data.
  • MD DataStor provides practices with an advanced archival solution for the storage of excess patient data, from registration information to charges and payments and more.
  • MD DataStor offers secure, HIPAA-compliant, on-premise storage of your old data and provides fast, secure, browser-based access to the data.



  • By large group practices with vast amounts of data – to avoid their practice management system being bogged down and not running at its full capacity.
  • By practices that are consolidating due to acquisitions – by eliminating the risks of mishandling data coming from multiple organizations using different practice management systems.

Traditional methods of managing data from healthcare systems include risks such as decreased cash flow and ineffective system operation. Practices are often faced with licensing fees and other costs to maintain older applications only to access data from an old system and have to deal with decreased system performance, lost or damaged data and more.

MD DataStor WILL

  • Eliminate high support costs of maintaining multiple systems
  • Improve your new system’s performance by keeping your old data separate
  • Help meet data archival regulations and compliance requirements
  • Prevent lost or damaged data



  • Complete, unchanged original data
  • Elimination of costly fees from running multiple systems
  • Access to your legacy data for running reports and editing existing data
  • Enhanced practice management system performance and improved productivity



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