MD Eligibility





MD ELIGIBILITY™ Intelligence based solution not only processes your data, but automatically recognizes your most important information and brings it to the surface. As a result, you will see increased satisfaction with your core applications and reduced turnaround time and costs associated with denials that occur due to inaccurate or outdated insurance information.


  • Checks critical information against your core practice management system
  • Compares and instructs the user on how to resolve your most painful challenges
  • Retrieves your most relevant information from the maze of available data
  • Saves you time and increases your system adoption rate


MD Eligibility looks at your GE Eligibility technology and provides only the most pertinent information such as eligibility response and rejection notes. We take out the cumbersome steps and customize your system to bring out only meaningful information for review. Save time and increase utilization and focus on the eligibility problem with this expanded feature functionality of the GE Eligibility solution.


MD Eligibility can be optimized for practice specific business needs and to include details for only categories of coverage provided by the organization. For instance, dental services are not provided at some facilities, so dental benefits can be excluded from the detail benefits list. In addition to the familiar verbiage returned by most systems, MD Eligibility can include supplemental messages to provide even more information and instruction at first glance.


A large, multi-specialty organization rolled out the GE Eligibility technology, but users were not adopting and therefore the organization was not achieving their expected ROI. After implementing MD Eligibility customized for their practice, users immediately began easily using the information they were getting back. As a result they saw an increase in ROI, decrease in denials and costs, and improved patient and employee satisfaction.

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