MD Estimator





MD Estimator is designed to improve your practice’s self-pay collections at the point-of-service  

With the rapid rise in healthcare costs, your patients are being asked to share the burden of those increased costs through higher co-pays and larger deductibles. Other factors including the slow economy, layoffs and consumer-directed health plans are forcing patients to pay an increased portion of their medical costs. How can your practice cope with this new trend? The answer: MD Estimator.

MD Estimator accurately estimates your patients’ self-pay amounts so you can collect that portion of their charge at the time service is provided or set up a payment plan for collection. MD Estimator is especially helpful for practices whose specialties involve higher cost procedures.



  • Increase point-of-service collections
  • Improve patient and provider satisfaction
  • Reduce days in accounts receivable
  • Enhance workflow efficiency
  • Reduce administrative costs


MD Estimator is designed to improve self-pay collections by proactively providing an accurate estimate of the amount a patient will owe at the point-of-service. Connected with your practice management system, MD Estimator is an automated solution that uses your system’s fee tables, insurance guidelines and other payment data to increase payment certainty from self-pay patients. By providing real-time estimates of patients’ payment responsibility, MD Estimator allows your patients to understand what they’ll need to pay for a specific procedure.



  • Eliminates tedious tracking of patients for payments due
  • Stops manual and time-consuming calculation of patients’ self-pay amounts
  • Increases patient loyalty
  • Decreases bad debt of uncollectible self-pay accounts

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