Staffing Solutions

Great people are hard to find, but you can’t run a practice without them. Our years in the business have helped us step into busy practices and “hit the ground running” — as interim managers, consultants, contractors, or trainers.

MD Solutions clients are able to:

  • Supplement their senior staff during critical transitions, growth spurts,
    or mergers with people who effortlessly become "part of the team"
  • Hire seasoned IT professionals on an "on-demand” basis, without adding the
    salary and benefits burden of full-time staff
  • Train current staff and new hires to ensure that everyone is comfortable
    with the organization’s technology and operating at peak efficiency
  • Come to view our people as an integral and ongoing part of
    their organization

We understand teamwork — We connect great people with great organizations. For short-term needs, MD Solutions can either directly provide assistance or find personnel to augment your staff as needed. Best of all, our people live and work exclusively in the medical field. That means a “learning curve” of near-zero.

We know processes— Whether you’re talking about new hires or established staff we’ll make sure that the people in your practice have the skills they need to excel. We can evaluate staff—and provide training as required. And all the help we offer is delivered with full knowledge of the real-world context in which it will ultimately be used.

We leverage technology — Not only do we know your applications as well as any vendor in the business—we have a unique perspective on how various technologies can work together in creating the best solution for your specific practice. The people we send into your organization will always be able to show you the best “new tricks” when it comes to the latest tools and technology.

For more information on our Staffing Solutions, please contact us.

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