Interim Management

In a perfect world you would be surrounded by your senior management team and nothing would stop you from every goal you set out to achieve! In reality, however, you will be faced with a constant barrage of challenges that will distract you from focusing on what you want to achieve – improved business performance and profitability.

You never know what’s around each corner. You may be challenged in ways that cannot easily be fixed or may require a specific skill set. For instance:

  • A special project
  • Practice expansion or acquisition
  • A crisis situation


When faced with an unforeseen challenge, the skills gap needs to be filled quickly, efficiently and cost consciously. Can your management team learn new skills in an instant, as well as understand the nuances and procedures involved?

One solution is to assign these tasks to another manager or appoint a new manager with the skills required. What would happen if a new challenge arose that required a different skill set? Would you assign more tasks or hire yet another new permanent manager? The solution is to appoint an interim manager. You need an individual that fills a short term need, does not require a long term investment and who will add value from day one.

Reasons you would need an interim:

  • Skills shortages
  • Project management
  • Sudden departure of a key member of staff
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Fundamental change in the structure of your practice


MD Solutions provides leadership, structure, process, and the tools necessary for your organization to be successful. Some of these leadership roles include:

  • Practice Administrator
  • Practice Manager
  • Director of Billing Services
  • Revenue Cycle Manager
  • IT Director

Getting the Most from Interim Management Placement

Personal Approach and Practice Expertise. An interim management placement is only successful if it mutually benefits both our clients and our candidates. With this in mind, we take an extremely personal approach to the placement process. Leveraging our practice management expertise, our team conducts detailed personal interviews and assessments that help us to gain an understanding of the specific skill sets of our candidates, as well as the business challenges of our clients. Once these assessments are complete, our team thoroughly reviews the practice environments and existing relationships within all placement opportunities before making a match. Through this due diligence, we continue to establish personal relationships on both sides of the placement process, which translate into additional interim management opportunities.

Ongoing Support. MD Solutions understands it is critical to maintain communication with both client and management professional throughout an interim engagement. Our interim managers can feel confident that they always have a highly experienced support team behind them. Likewise, we are in frequent touch with clients in order to address any concerns that they may have, or if necessary, to provide them with additional interim assistance.

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