Training Services

Technology is great, but people have to know how to actually use it in order to reap any real benefit. What’s more, the difference in productivity and effectiveness between "general users" of a practice management or electronic records solution, as compared to “power users,” can dramatically alter the long-term trajectory of a practice.

MD Solutions clients are able to:

  • See a sharp increase in reimbursements as charge corrections and errors are greatly reduced or eliminated altogether
  • Rest assured that all staff are aware of EMR processes and the flow of clinical and administrative information is optimized
  • Improve collection rates as staffers become more confident in navigating an organization’s technology, and patient misunderstandings are minimized
  • Point to objective measures in assessing and assuring their staff’s skill level, with assurance that training objectives have been met and retained

We "get" medical professionals — Training is always more effective when you can relate to people as peers. MD Solutions’ trainers are expert in the way adults learn best. And they’re steeped in Medical Practice Management and clinical workflows with a deep understanding of people’s roles, their educational needs—and the day-to-day environment they work in.

We focus on the practical — Our training takes into account the way people really work—and the way they really learn. Our programs have been refined over the years to ensure you enjoy powerful results with minimum disruption to your practice. We make effective use of “hands-on” methods and customized training exercises based on your specific practice environment. When post-training evaluations are complete, we provide extensive reference materials that facilitate the training of new hires and future staff.

We know the tools inside and out — As daily users of the most popular EHR/PM solutions in the industry, our training is powered by an unusually thorough grounding in the technology that powers great practice administration and management. In fact, many of our people serve as unofficial “beta testers” to the major developers. We leverage technology in our training as well, by providing materials in various electronic formats, including engaging online modules.

Our team specializes in providing comprehensive training and mentoring services for the following systems:

Dragon Medical
GE Centricity

For more information on our Training Services, please contact us.

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