Allscripts Training

Lots of employees claim Allscripts expertise…

We don’t just train Allscripts Users, We empower them

Effective training is essential to realizing the business-transforming potential of Allscripts’ products. MD Solutions’ has been training medical office staff since our inception ten years ago. To be successful training this workforce you need to understand what the various roles are within a practice and you must deliver the information the staff needs in a way that matches their learning style.


MD Solutions training

  • Focuses on the practical
  •  Ensures you see measurable results with minimum disruption to your practice
  • Will optimize your budget
  • Includes customized training materials and post-training reference guides
  • Is also available computer based, remote and in-person live

MD Solutions offers custom-tailored programs that range from highly-targeted mentoring and focused skills enhancement to whole-staff classes that ensure every member of your organization is reaping the maximum productivity from your Allscripts environment.

Our experienced trainers know the products and add-on modules inside and out and can talk to your people not about some idealized Allscripts installation, but we can explain how to use the products as they work in the “real world” of a busy practice.

And because we understand medical practice professionals so well, we generously edit and supplement the standard Allscripts training materials to align with the process and practices of your group, using real, hands-on examples.


For more information on our Allscripts capabilities, please contact us.

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